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The American Made Ashley brand and blog is committed to bringing its audience authentic, quality content. We trust that you’ll find all our posts to be well-informed, valuable and entertaining! It is our mission to empower and educate our audience. As a rapidly growing travel site, we aim to encourage people from all walks of life to step out of their comfort zones into a more adventurous existence! We don’t simply review products and format itineraries, we aim to engage our readers with articles that expand their travel knowledge base: travel tips and hacks, educating on cultural diversity and local customs, travel etiquette, safety and so much more!

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If you are a company or product who wishes to collaborate, awesome!

We love creating evergreen content for brands that have an aligned vision with our own. Every partnership is unique and we treat it as such, customizing each collaborative experience to fit your brands goals. Here are a few ways we can work together to create magic for both our audiences:

  • Sponsored blog posts
  • Sponsored social media posts
  • Sponsored contests & giveaways
  • Press trips and FAM trips
  • Blog advertising
  • Hotel reviews
  • Product reviews
  • Brand ambassadorship
  • Guest posting

Please contact us at: americanmadeashley@gmail.com to discuss next steps! We look forward to hearing from you!

Blogger Collab

We are currently accepting well-written guest posts! If you have an idea for an article that you would like to see featured, please email me at americanmadeashley@gmail.com.
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I’m Ashley...'American Made' because I was born in the incredible US of A and proudly raised in a military family. I’ve enjoyed living and traveling around the world since I was a child. I’ve explored over two dozen countries and always have a bag packed, ready for my next adventure!
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