Utah: Best of State

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May 7, 2020 
by Ashley Ellefsen

Utah…not quite the quirky sister-wife state that it’s frequently mistaken as. In this short, illustrated blog….I’m going to let the proverbial “cat out of the bag” and share with you some of the reasons why I think Utah is the bees knees (that’s a little Utah state humor)!

I truly hope that you’ll consider making your next trip, to this great state that I love calling home!

We have it all….except beachfront property. There’s no oceanside living here but I’ve always said that if there were, we would be the most sought after state in the nation!

What Utah does have to offer though is some of the most unimaginable beauty, unparalleled adventure offerings and definitely a few surprises along the way!

There is no doubt that Salt Lake City and the surrounding area is brimming with fantastic things to do! 

Here are my top 11 unmissable places to visit while in the Beehive State!

We also have a pretty phenomenal food scene…in fact, WAY more than can be captured on a “Top 10”, so I’ll give you a few in each of the primary food categories…according to Ashley!

Not to mention our rockin’ event venues…

Now, I know what you’re thinking - Salt Lake City, Utah cannot possibly have a hip party scene or thriving concert scene…but I assure you…we do.

It never fails…as we travel and meet people, once they find out we’re from Utah we are asked the same questions (in a variety of entertaining ways)…

  1. Are you Mormon?
  2. How many wives do you have?
  3. Where is Utah?
  4. What is Utah like?
  5. Can you drink/get a drink in Utah?

No. How many would you want? Between Colorado and Nevada. AWESOME! Duh.

Most people don’t know this but in 1933 the state of Utah provided the 36th vote to end prohibition.  Yes, you can get a drink here.  Albeit, in the past there have been some pretty ridiculous liquor laws….but we are getting better.

In fact, we have a thriving craft beer scene and one of the best whiskey distillers in the nation!

Ever noticed that Utah is represented in damn near every semi-final talent search competition? Well, that’s because this state is overflowing with an insane amount of artistry. Our abundance of local talent feeds the local theater and arts venues as well as the thriving local film industry. 

Ask any of the locals though, and the real charm of Utah isn’t found within city limits, rather discovered in the great outdoors!   

We enjoy each of the four seasons, and each one delivers a gift of unrivaled joy to the avid outdoorsman.

Home to five national parks - Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce Canyon and Zion - You can get your adventure on and satisfy your wanderlust here! 

Our state motto isn’t, “Greatest snow on earth” for naught.  There are 10 world-class ski resorts within one hour of the SLC airport and we are officially one of the snowiest places in the world (it’s science) - Alta, averages 551 inches of snow annually.

With 647 lakes and over 7,000 pristine campsites, whether you’re into "roughing it" or “glamping", Utah (over) delivers on that weekend getaway or the long planned sabbatical you’ve been dreaming about!

From fishing and boating to crater diving, gorgeous lakes spot our even more gorgeous desert and mountain landscapes. Here are my 10 favorites!

So, whether your planning a visit, relocating or purchasing a vacation home….we truly have something to offer everyone!

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