Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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May 28, 2020 
by Ashley Ellefsen

Woot Woot! Blogger Collaboration Ahead!

This blog is brought to you by the lovely Irene of Life Told by Irene, a sassy LA girl turned midwest cutie.  Check out her original post HERE!



This collaboration is all about things to do in the United States when we are all free of COVID-19 // Social Distancing. This collaboration has a multitude of other bloggers talking about what to do and why you should visit their state. My part in this is sharing all the places and things I love to do in Sioux Falls South Dakota. Now let me tell you I got a million and five recommendations from my friends, about all kinds of places to eat and things to do… The thing is I have only lived in Sioux Falls for a little over six months, and I wanted to make sure anything I share I can give my own opinion on. Basically I’m saying that on this post you will find that 90% of what I am recommending is from my own experiences, BUT there are still a million other things to do in Sioux Falls that won’t be on this post!

Food [&] Drink:

Phillips Ave Diner

I love this place! It is right in the heart of downtown and is OH SO CUTE to take pictures of, BUT wait there’s more the FOOD is supper yummy too! I am OBSESSED with their mac n cheese personally. Their tuna melt is also BOMB.com.

PC: Phillips Ave Diner

Mackenzie River

The pizza, the beer, the feels, they have it all! I’m a basic girl for sure so the Classic Cheese pizza is my favorite with a good beer I like the Jeremiah Johnson Rotator. Also I love their flatbreads.The Greek is another favorite of mine. As well as another pizza called the MacKenzie River.

PC: MacKenzie River

The Attic

This place is quirky for sure but, in the best way possible. There are pool tables and darts to play while you wait, drink, or eat. The booze are great but the service is even better. I have never had a bad experience with service. If I’m being real it might have been some of the best service I have ever experienced!

Obscure Brewing

Okay full disclosure I have never been here but it is basically down the street from where I live LOL. I have heard the alcohol is top notch so it is for sure something to do. One thing to know about Sioux Falls tho is there is never a brewery too far from where you are I promise!


Guatelinda Bakery

I am Mexican American and I love my Pan dulce (Mexican sweet bread) but, when we moved to the midwest I lost my favorite bakery. That sent me on a Mexican Bakery hunt. I didn’t find one but, to my surprise, I did find a Guatemalan Bakery. Though it is not quite the same it is still EXTREMELY yummy and I go almost once a month!

CH Patisserie

They have a million great desserts though I would say the best thing there is the French Macrons. They have some staple flavors as well as a flavor of the month so basically you have to go at least once a moth to check out the new flavor!

Coffee shops:

La Luna Cafe

I have never tried their food although it looks very yummy, but their Lattes are top notch! The atmosphere is so insta worthy! It’s in the heart of DTSF, and if you read this far you already know I love anything mixed with my hispanic culture. That being said, my favorite Latte is the Horchata Latte.

PC: La Luna Cafe

Josiahs Cafe

Great place if you just want to hang with friends and sip on coffee and get some brekkie. The Chai Latte is great, it's what I always get and I love their Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict. Lastly their sweet treats always look so delicious.

PC: Josiah's Cafe

Dunn Bros

They have the best coffee hands down in my opinion for your everyday Starbucks replacement! I am OBSESSED with the Honey Spiced Nirvana with Brown Sugar and Oat milk. To be fair though I have tried a few things off the menu and they are all extremely delightful!

PC: top picture Dunn Brothers Cafe

The Source

Disclaimer I have never been here, but I have been trying to get here because who doesn’t love a place that has coffee and beer? Oh yeah and food.

PC: The Source


Terra Shepherd Boutique

This is another place I haven’t been to but have heard a million and five great things about! They are all about Sustainability, clothing for all bodies, and local shopping. All things I try to live by.

PC: Terra Shepherd Boutique

Marie and Marie

Need a wedding dress? look no further. This place is amazing and they have so many dress options. Psst they have plus size dresses as well. The dresses have a wide range of price points and are amazing quality. The staff is amazing and it is a beautiful place to spend time shopping for your dream dress.

Style Encore

Thrift Shop till you drop. I love thrifting. It's not only good for your wallet but for the planet. In Sioux Falls we have your regular thrift shops (that I love). Yet Style Encore stands out to me because they have more high end items to be thrifted.


Falls Park // Farmers Market

The Falls are amazing to see and snap a few pictures of. The park itself is a great place to have a picnic and in the winter drive around for the Christmas light show. There is also a cafe in Falls Park that overlooks the park as well as an observation deck.

These are all amazing things but my personal favorite thing to do at the park is go to the Farmers Market! There is nothing like buying fresh food // flowers from the local farmers.

Side Note: From Falls Park or any other park in Sioux Falls you can hop on the bike trail and it will take you all around Sioux Falls in one big loop (22 miles) to be exact.

Great Shots

Great Shots is a really fun place with or without the kids and such a fun time with only a couple people or a big party.

Butterfly House & Aquarium

I have been trying to get to this amazing place since before we moved here and something always comes up to block me from getting there. That being said I would still recommend coming here 100%. Especially if you are like me and obsessed with butterflies.

PC: Butterfly House & Aquarium

Washington Pavilion // Kirby Science Discovery Center and Visual Arts Center

Something fun to do with the kiddos. (Free on the first Friday of every month from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.) I myself have not been but, all my friends with young kids say they love it.

PC: Washington Pavilion

Palisades State Park

This place is gorgeous! There are tons of hiking trails, you can camp here, or just go sit by the waterfalls in the grass area and enjoy the day.

PC: Benjamin Prescott

Air Madness

Want to burn some of your kids energy take a drive over to Harrisburg and go jump the afternoon away. Moms and Dads have no fear across the parking lot is Big J’s where you can get a little happy hour and a snack.

PC: Chelsea Jutting

Wall Lake

We always come here in the late afternoon after work to drop the Sea-Doo’s in for a bit and have some fun in the lake. There is a park area and some “beach” sand area to lounge by the water also.

Deep Honey Creek

You can’t get any more local than this place. It is literally a little honey stand that you drive up to check what’s in the honey fridge, pick the honey you want, look at the price tag, then either leave a check or cash in the coffee tin inside the fridge. The honey is made right there on site at the farm.

Well you made it to the end! I hope this made you want to take a road trip to Sioux Falls SD when we are all free of COVID-19 and safe to travel again. Most of the Places I mentioned in this post are local small businesses and have not sponsored me to post about them whatsoever. I genuinely love each of these places and want other people to come and experience them as I have.

Leave a comment if you ever come to Sioux Falls SD and check any of these places out.

Have a great day!


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