Palisade State Park

Palisade State Park, Utah
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July 31, 2020 
by Ashley Ellefsen

Memorial Day. Unofficially - the first day of summer here in Utah. The weekend where we gather to honor the men and women who have died while serving this great country is also the weekend where families and friends pack up for their first summer camping trip and get together to BBQ. 

The end of May is the perfect time to get out and explore Utah.  The snow in the high mountain country is melting, lakes are full and the sun is out (usually).

This year we made plans with some of our closest friends to rent a cabin near a little known gem of a state park, called Palisade.

Located in Sanpete County, just outside a small town called Sterling you’ll find this recreational oasis.  Open to the public as a state park since 1962, Palisade has something for everyone: camping, fishing, swimming, hiking, golf and so much more!

According to the Utah State Park website, in the 1860’s a gentleman named Daniel B. Funk, an early settler had the idea to create a summer and weekend resort area.  At that time, the valley was owned by a small group of Sanpitch Indians led by Chief Arapeen. Daniel B. Funk bargained with the chief and obtained a land patent from the government. He and his family then set about the arduous task of building a dam and diverting part of Sixmile Creek to fill the lake. The lake quickly became a well-known pleasure resort, now called Palisade.

The park itself offers several lodging options, and you can find many vacation rentals within a short drive (and even walking distance) to the park entrance.

We rented this great vacation rental  which was located in a neighborhood just across the street from the entrance to the State Park, and about a 10 minute walk to the lake.

Group trips are some of my favorite, especially when the kiddos come along.  There is just something really special about creating lasting memories with loved ones. At Palisade, it was easy to plan activities that all ages could enjoy and participate in!

With so many fun activities, be sure to make reservations, call ahead for tee times and plan ahead so you enjoy every minute!


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